7 Frequently Asked Questions about Stretch Ceiling You Must Know

Stretch ceiling is very popular amongst the masses as these ceilings are sustainable and it consists of two parts: the frame or track and the membrane. The membrane is fitted in the frame or the perimeter track and stretches and gets bound to the track. It can also be used for light diffusers, as wall coverings etc. 

Stretch ceilings incorporate a lot of light fixtures and a lot of apertures can be included as well. The Stretch ceiling in India is a fairly new concept but is gaining a lot of popularity as people are getting impressed by the effect this ceiling gives to the room.  

There are a lot of companies that work especially on stretch ceilings and provide services. You can search for various builders or shops that provide services in stretch ceilings and there are numerous shops in Mumbai which can be found under the name stretch ceiling Mumbai on Google. 

There are some of the important questions that are asked frequently about stretch ceilings. These questions are very important to understand the concept of stretch ceilings correctly and to remove all your doubts about them. You will find some of those questions in this article along with their answers and explanation. 

The frequently asked questions

There are some of the important questions that are frequently asked. Here are the 7 most common questions that you should know along with their answers.

1. Why are they called stretch ceilings?

They are called stretch ceilings because it is an elastic material that is bound to the four walls to give a suspended effect and is very durable. Like hot air contracts plastic the same way electric heaters are used to put the ceiling in place and to give it a suspended ceiling effect. 

2. Are there different finishes available?

There is a wide range of designs and finishes by which you can select them. You can even get your favourite picture or logo of your company printed and become your ceiling. If you want the room to have more light you can go for a translucent ceiling that will allow the lights above to shine even more brightly. You can even get shaped or tiered ceilings with matte or gloss finishes. 

3. Where can they be used?

Stretch ceilings have a long list of benefits. They can be found in bars, restaurants, pools, schools, indoor playgrounds, offices etc. they are used due to their low maintenance, durability, strength and their neat finishes that add a touch up to the room. 

4. Is it safe to use them for pools?

Stretch ceilings are preferred when it comes to pools as they are free of condensation because their membrane is so thin that it easily catches up with the room temperature and he4nce it does not lead to the moulding of it. You can even install some vent grills between the space in the ceiling for proper ventilation and you can easily choose from a lot of designs for your swimming pool area. 

5. Are stretch ceilings costly?

Stretch ceilings have a cost system similar to that of plasterboard ceilings. The difference is that they are much simpler. They have no additional cost after installation that includes cleaning, disposal etc. they also take half the time for installation.

6. Is maintaining the stretch ceilings easy?

Stretch ceilings are very easy to maintain. They can be cleaned by the use of just a damp cloth. They do not crack like the old ceilings and can hold water up to 100 litres/m^2. They can prevent your property from getting damaged due to flooding or technical problems.

7. How long can stretch ceilings last?

Stretch ceilings last for a long time before they wear away. Most of the companies normally offer 10 years of warranty. Stretch ceilings can last up to 10 years and more. You can even change the design in between all these years and it only takes a day to install these ceilings. 


Stretch ceilings are the most convenient method these days to install a ceiling that can give a luxury and personalized effect to your room. Easy installation and with low maintenance these ceilings are the new fashion. With the fast-paced world, these ceilings fit in perfectly with the rising demand.