Installing a Stylish Stretch Ceiling in India: Here’s How it Works

When it comes to building your perfect home or while making your dream office, we all want nothing but the best. Interior designing is a very important factor. A lot of people focus on getting the colour of the walls right or the interior to look beautiful but a lot of us forget what impact the ceiling can have on the entire setting and a proper ceiling can make the entire room change. It can make the room look smaller than its original size or bigger than it is. It all depends on the ceiling you choose.  

Stretch ceilings are in trend and also have a lot of options to choose from. You can even customize them in any way you want. A lot of people use stretch ceilings for their homes and stretch ceilings for commercial use are also in trend as they can change the appearance and are more durable.  

Stretch ceiling installation can be a bit tricky as you may not know about all the factors that need to be taken care of to find a perfect dealer. In this article, you will get to know the steps by which you can get the stretch ceiling installed and the best offers to get your stretch ceiling installed. 

How it works

There are a lot of ways by which you can get the perfect ceiling you want to be installed at the best rates. Given below are some of the important steps:

1. Choose what you want

Choose what exact design you want. Make sure you consult with an interior designer first and then select your design as the ceiling design alters the appearance a lot. When we talk about stretch ceilings you have a lot of options to choose from. You have matte, glossy and satin finishes along with a lot of other customizable choices. The ceilings have a choice. You can either choose PVC ceiling or textile ceiling. Depending upon your requirement you can select the ceiling and the design that suits you the most. 

2. Cost for the installation

Costs of these vary differently. The cost also depends on different kinds of factors. The factors that affect the cost of the ceiling are the design you choose or the type of ceiling you choose, either PVC or textile. It also varies from installer to installer. Everyone has their separate rates. Enquire a bunch of people about the best service at the rates that suit you.  

3. Installation duration 

There are a lot of companies or installers that offer different prices for different durations. The cost can depend heavily on the duration as the installation duration of these ceilings is very different depending on the installer. Installation duration is an important thing to ask the company so that you can the best results.

4.  Quote your price

As many companies take the help of this technique so can you to find the thing that suits you in your budget. You can shortlist some best dealers and companies and then ask them for their best price according to your preference. Now you have quotations from different installers and companies. You can now easily compare their quotations to each other and select the one that fits you perfectly and also is in your budget. 

5. Depends on your choice

Shape, texture, colour and design also are some major factors when it comes to choosing your ceiling. What you select will decide the price of the ceiling. Complex designs are high in price while simple ones are low in price. The texture you select for your ceiling, be it glossy, matte or satin also affects its price and the colour also has an impact on the price. The ceiling can be illuminated, non-illuminated, three dimensional or printed. The price will depend mainly on what you choose. Some dealers may offer less price while some will offer high prices for the same. 


Stretch ceilings are the new trend and have gained a lot of popularity in India due to their versatility and their less installation duration. It is easy to find a dealer with reasonable prices in India. We hope this article solved your problems and we hope your doubts are now clear.