European Stretch ceilings by Karma Design are moisture resistant. Hence, Stretch ceilings are good for wet and humid space. It is an innovation in interior design industry. It gives an elite look to your space. Today, the concept of European stretch ceiling is widely spreading across various regions of India.

European Stretch Ceilings Are Good For Wet And Humid Space
European Stretch Ceilings Are Good For Wet And Humid Space

Whether it is business space, residential space, or commercial space, stretch ceilings can adapt to any type of space and any weather type. They can be installed in wet and humid space. Their capability of transforming the ambience makes them stand out from rest of the false ceiling concepts.

Whether it is a residential space or commercial, the appearance is utmost important, because the ambience itself boost the sales and business. 

Contemporary look and excellence finish of these European stretch ceiling makes your interior more captivating. Stretch ceiling in public places like shopping malls or showrooms hook the attention of customers by its elegant interiors.

While constructing and renovating wet and humid space like swimming pools and wash areas – one of the main concerns is that the ceiling must be moisture resistant and water resistant. Designer stretch ceilings by Karma Design makes a great solution for such humid space.

Karma Design’s European stretch ceilings are cost effective and stylish alternative. It’s moisture-resistant, water-resistant, and fire-resistant feature qualifies the designer stretch ceiling for styling the swimming pools and shower areas.

Let us analyze why stretch ceiling will be the best for renovating moisture spaces.

We, at Karma Design, have installed European stretch ceilings in across India. We have installed stretch ceilings in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai as well.  


Main reason why interior designer suggests European stretch ceiling for interior is the infinite patterns, textures, shapes and designs that these designer stretch ceilings bring to your space. With printed stretch ceiling India, any custom design can be achieved.  If you are looking for minimalist look, then you can go with translucent stretch ceilings by Karma Design or glossy lacquer stretch ceilings.


Usually, European stretch ceilings can withstand any type of weather condition. Hence, European Stretch Ceilings are good alternative for humid and wet spaces. If you are thinking to recreate swimming pool space with European stretch ceiling, certainly you will have some doubts – whether the aluminum track used to fix stretch ceiling will catch rust due to moisture and humidity. Stay rest assured and don’t worry about it. Leave it on us!

Our stretch ceiling membrane and tracks won’t get affected by the moisture present in the pool space. Interior made out of stretch ceilings can combat humidity and moisture for many years. European stretch ceilings by Karma Design are high on quality and are certified and they come with 10 years warranty.

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