We bring European Stretch Ceiling to India

We are excited to get in touch with you to notify you about our European venture with Vecta design ceiling system which is European renowned stretch ceiling manufacturer.

Hello, We’re Karma design. A stretch ceiling company based in India. We bring European stretch ceiling to india. Delivering International Quality.

- Bhavin Ramniklal Pipaliya, Director

Hello, We’re Karma design. A stretch ceiling company based in India. We bring European stretch ceiling to india. Delivering International Quality.

- Bhavin Ramniklal Pipaliya, Director

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With the vision to be the market leading stretch ceiling solution provider of stretch ceilings. Nowadays we offer a complete line of products with many unique profiles and new lighting solutions in combination with excellent quality and variation of stretch ceiling materials. We offer everything one professional need in order to create modern-day elegant and consistently exciting interior design.
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Repairing an old, cracked, or damaged ceiling is expensive and will take too much time and effort. In such cases, a stretch ceiling can be used to conceal the imperfections. It’s quicker to install, lightweight, and a popular alternative worth considering. In India, a stretch ceiling is installed on a special board attached to the walls and you can pick from a host of patterns and materials. All you need to do is get in touch with Karma Designs for your stretch ceiling requirements.

European ceilings are high-quality and refined stretch ceilings that go through various industrial tests to reach a certain standard and improve their durability. The stretch ceiling can be shipped pan-India and is made by trusted and reliable high-quality craftsmen. Each sheet is not only recyclable but lasts you more than 20 years and can be installed easily and accessibly.

Stretch ceilings do not require preparing the main structure, as long as nothing like dust or plaster is falling off the main ceiling it does not need to be prepped. The material is warmed up to a certain degree before stretching out, this depends on whether it is a cloth ceiling, a PVC ceiling, or any other type of ceiling. Before the stretch ceiling is installed, the fabric is attached to the corners with special fasteners, the ceiling is then warmed up and attached to the board to create a smooth and even surface.

Stretch ceilings are made with materials that are resistant to humidity, dust, and fire. If installed well by professionals along with the right material, these ceilings can last for a very long time. The stretch ceiling price in India depends on the type of material, quality, and fabric used. They are resistant to mechanical damage and durable all around, some manufacturers usually offer a 20-year warranty as it lasts for dozens of years.

We offer a wide variety of stretch ceilings from stretch fabric ceilings, ceiling systems, ceiling design, materials, special stretch ceilings for residential and commercial as well as translucent, printed stretch, 3D stretch, and more. Our professionals take your needs into consideration and give you the best stretch ceiling option for your home or office.

If you’re looking for an interesting home& commercial stretch ceiling in Mumbai, we provide the best quality ceiling materials pan India. You can choose from a range of patterns and materials that will help you create an impressive ceiling that looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional.

The stretch ceiling price in India depends on a lot of factors. Right from the area of the room to any additional features like niches or recesses contribute to price growth. The price of a stretch ceiling in India is also determined by the materials used, the pattern selected, custom print and the lighting is also important. Depending on your needs, professionals will determine the best price to give you.